News: Cowardly Assault

Randhart was rocked by yet another violent crime on Wednesday, 26 June. An elderly woman was brutally assaulted on he corner of Margaret and Michelle Avenue.
According to witness three armed men were attempting to rob the elderly woman, not
expecting her to fight back. A neighbour that witnessed the incident started to scream at
the men in an attempt to frighten them. One of the men then struck the woman on the back of the head causing her to fall to the ground and leaving her with lacerations to the head and ear.
Two of the suspects managed to escape leaving one of the men behind. First respondent Charl Louw of FOX SECURITY who was on his way home after hid shift, accompanied by his reliever, saw the suspicious looking character running down Michelle Avenue and immediately stated to pursue him. Upon confrontation the suspect drew a firearm causing Louw to seek cover behind his vehicle. Without firing a shot the man threw his weapon aside and attempted to flee again, giving Louw the chance to chase him down and apprehend him.
Police arrived shortly after and took custody of the suspect who was transported to Alberton Police Station. The arrest was made by Constable Thomo.
The elderly woman was provided with medical attention by Netcare 911 respondents, who later took her to a nearby hospital.
The other two suspects remain at large and the incident is still under police investigation.

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