News: Fox Security arrests two criminals

Fox Security have yet again assisted in the arrest of two criminals. During the course of last week they apprehended a man stealing a dustbin. According to a Fox Security guard they were travelling over Delphinium bridge when they saw the man with a green dustbin on the R59 south.

Reports also came in from the public saying that it was very suspicious.
They waited for him at the Kliprivier off-ramp, where he was caught. He tried to run and leave the dustbin behind, but was swiftly apprehended.
According to the guard, they found a DVD player inside the dustbin which the suspect claimed to have been in there when he took the dustbin.

He showed them where he stole the dustbin in Lion Street and reportedly admitted that this had been the fourth dustbin he took.
“Dustbin theft has become a serious issue and the team at Fox Security are trying their best to apprehend the dustbin-thieve,” said Sakkie, Fox security.

Another man was reportedly arrested after breaking into a Brackendowns nursery school. He allegedly stole the caretaker’s cloth and personal belongings.
The guard from Fox Security reported that the culprit fled the scene and jumped into a client’s yard that set off an alarm.

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