News: Fox Security Foils Felons

Two burglars where arrested by Fox Security’s response teams in the early hours of Tuesday July 10 2012.

They were caught on the roof of the Randhart Shopping Centre in an attempt to escape after they gained entrance to Bella’s Sports Bar.

Fox’s shift manager for the evening, Mark Barnett, said that this group has been operating in this area for quite some time and that they are responsible for numerous business break-ins where they gain entrance into the premises through the roofs.

When we responded to the alert we managed to catch two of the three. They were already inside the premises and if the alert did not come through, they would have walked away from yet another successful burglary. The third suspect escaped by jumping from the roof and made a get-away.

Upon arrival we called for back-up and four other Fox Security vehicle’s came to our aid. We were also assisted by constable Nkosi Zweni and Moemi from Alberton Police who were quick to react to our call for back-up. Mark said Fox Security would like to warn business to be aware of these break-ins taking place.

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